A Valentine’s Day Guide to Better Communication in Your Relationship

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (here’s your reminder that you need to book a table at that romantic restaurant before February 13)! Relationships are on everyone’s mind, and whether you’re five months or five years in, one thing remains the same: Communication is important. That’s why we’re bringing you the best of our advice on how to communicate well with your partner. From money to religion, we’ve got the guide on how to talk about it right here.

3 Tips for Better Communication in Your Relationship

“My wife and I intentionally set aside mealtimes so we can talk together. We don’t answer phones or look at texts. We eat, talk, and spend quality time with each other. These simple interactions help us when we’re arguing. They build intimacy and trust, so you can rely on them when you disagree.” Read more.

In Love and in Debt: How I Learned to Talk Money With My Significant Other

“I still remember the first serious conversation my husband and I had about money. We weren’t married at the time, but we knew engagement was right around the corner. I was lying in his bed, face down, while he sat across the room listening as I put it all on the table.” Read more.

3 Conversations to Have Before Your Relationship Gets Serious

“Everything about the other person seems so good at face value, and it’s not hard to imagine what your life might look like with them in it. But before you get carried away in your own fantasy of what the future might hold for you and your significant other, it’s time to tap the brakes and get a little deeper. While it’s great to be optimistic about your new romance, it’s also important to  take off the rose-colored glasses for a few crucial conversations before getting serious.” Read more.

Want a Healthy Relationship? Turn off the Scoreboard

“Unfortunately, it’s easy to keep score. As the thrill of the discovery period of dating fades and daily routine takes over, we often autopilot into expectation, and soon, we’re ranking our contributions to the relationship. That’s why turning off the scoreboard is so important – it reminds us that everything we give to and receive from one another is a gift.” Read more.

RYF: Revealing Your Faith in a Relationship

“Though RYF can be daunting, remember that you’re almost certainly not the only one feeling jitters. Most daters share the same goal: connecting with someone who will accept them for their whole selves. RYF may mean living through some moments of vulnerability and anxiety, but it’s when another accepts and honors the most vulnerable parts of ourselves that romance can take root.” Read more.

Lessons from a Chronic Oversharer

“I am a chronic oversharer. There isn’t a feeling that I don’t think needs to be expressed, a thought that I don’t want to discuss, an emotion that I don’t believe needs to be dissected. In my friendships, my oversharing didn’t have too much of an impact, but in my romantic relationships, I could basically hear the record stop after I had said too much, too early, and I didn’t want it to happen again, so I came up with some guidelines to keep me from making myself too vulnerable, too soon.” Read more.

4 Ways to Deal With Significant Other Envy

“In every relationship, though we try to be equally partnered, there are naturally some areas in which one person excels more than the other. Whether it’s your significant other getting further in their career, having a wider circle of friends, or getting more attention for their looks, the feeling that your partner outdoes you in some area can incite jealousy that drives a wedge into your relationship. But rather than allow my husband’s success to eat away at me, I’ve tried to find constructive ways to deal with SOE (Significant Other Envy). Here are four things I’ve learned.” Read more.

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