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We are looking for writers who can contribute in an authentic and approachable way to conversations like navigating the professional world, finding community, dating and relationships, living a meaningful life, and more. If that sounds like you, join the conversation!

Contributors should be young, talented storytellers with experience writing for the web and promoting their work on social media. Our ideal writer is able to write smart content in a fun, casual, and conversational tone. Writers should contribute ideas and content rooted in their own experience and based on personal expertise or research, but there are also opportunities to interview more credentialed experts. The best part: You will be compensated for your work!

If you want to help us achieve our goal, consider these examples of topics we cover:

  • Finding Community
    • Friendships — making friends and the challenges of friends
    • How to help friends who lose a job, lose a parent, after a breakup
    • Getting involved with your community
  • Having Fun/Entertainment
    • Awesome vacation ideas
    • What a singer/movie/TV show taught you about life
    • Childhood throwbacks
  • Achieving Professional Success
    • Finding, keeping, advancing in a job
    • Finding purpose outside of work
    • Tips for networking, interviews, changing careers
  • Romantic Relationships
    • Online dating
    • Defining relationships
    • Breaking up well
  • Attaining Financial Stability
    • Living on a budget
    • Handling student loans and school debt
    • How to ask for a raise
  • Living a Meaningful Life
    • Finding balance
    • Mental health
    • Tips or lists of books that improve your live
  • Knowing Who You Are
    • Tips for self-discovery
    • Advice for choosing a major, career, etc.
    • Having a crisis of faith
  • Discovering Spiritual Fulfillment
    • Many forms of prayer
    • Finding a faith community
    • Addressing struggles with the Catholic Church

Things we’re looking for

  • 500-word essays
  • Fun listicles
  • Longer magazine style features that dig deeper


Sending pitches

Please e-mail with a paragraph explaining what you want to write, your personal connection to the topic, what the structure will be, and why you think it’s a good fit for our audience. Include a potential headline for the piece.

Example for a personal narrative:

What a Door-Slamming Moment Revealed to Me: In this short essay, I would tell a personal story that recently happened to me. Out of frustration, I slammed a door, and in the moment, I thought to myself, “Wow, I haven’t done that since I was about 13-years-old!” I had had a very frustrating morning, and the act of door slamming revealed to me just how angry I was about a few things that had happened. Because I caught myself off-guard with my door slamming, I was moved to reflect on what was going on internally and externally. In other words, being angry opened the door (no pun intended!) to reflection and ended up teaching me a few things. In this essay I would tell the story of the door slamming and then go on to describe what being angry revealed to me: my wants, needs and values — which had all been compromised in the morning that led to my angry outburst!

Example for a listicle:

4 Challenges to Try This Lent: Every year when Lent rolls around, I’m always surprised at how much I actually look forward to the season of scaling back. Maybe it’s that I’m still recovering from the excesses of Christmas, or maybe it’s because I don’t generally choose to commit to anything super drastic. I have friends who nix sugar entirely or take only cold showers for 40 days, but extremism has never been for me. Instead, I’m a believer in the small-changes-add-up philosophy. That’s why I love choosing very doable challenges during Lent.

I’d love to write a piece for Amendo that encourages readers to embrace spiritual and physical activities that won’t feel daunting so they can cross the Easter finish line feeling empowered. Some ideas include:

– Praying for 10-15 minutes a day
– Reading one longer book of the Bible
– Training for a 5k or other race
– Adding specific healthy foods (rather than subtracting unhealthy ones)

*Do not send a headline or one-line pitch without a detailed description of what you will cover in the article.

Then, tell us a little bit about yourself and why you are interested in this topic and our website. Along with your pitch, please send us your Twitter handle, two or three writing samples to give us an idea of your style and tone, and links to your blog or other online publications you’ve written for.

Sending submissions

We prefer for new writers to first send us a pitch before a full draft. However, if you would like to send us a submission, please follow these guidelines:

  • Length: Usually 500 words, but depends on the piece. Please attach your piece as a Microsoft Word Document.
  • Stories must be previously unpublished and should follow the guidelines listed above.
  • Include five to seven headline ideas with each submission.
  • Send us your Twitter handle and links to your blog or other online publications you’ve written for.

We will try to respond to everyone who reaches out to us with story ideas. Please allow two or three weeks for a response. This time frame will vary with the volume of submissions.