Oh, the Places You’ll Go: Essential Tips and Tricks for Your Travel Needs

As great scholar Troy Bolton once said, “What time is it? Summertime! It’s our vacation.” That’s right, ‘tis the season to maximize beach time, or (if you’re like us) dream of flying to Australia to escape the heat. But while the idea of traveling is refreshing, actually doing it usually requires a hefty amount of planning. So, whether you’re a college student with some time off or a full-time employee looking to cash in vacation days, we’ve got travel tips on how to budget, where to go, how to make the most of your break, and more.

How to Garden, Dance, or Couch Surf Your Way to an Inexpensive Vacation

“Living expenses, student loans, and setting aside an emergency fund are certainly high priorities, but they don’t have to hold you back from seeing the world. We’ve found six creative ways to finance your summer travel.” Read more.

Is a staycation right for you?

“I spent a portion of my recent staycation catching up on an art project and visiting with loved ones, while also taking time for myself to read and relax, and the outcomes were just what I wanted. I felt rejuvenated and ready for work, just like I would after a vacation away from home, without the stress of planning or figuring out how to afford it.” Read more.

Money-Saving Travel Tips

“I was just out of a shower in a classic Amsterdam youth hostel and, at 27, too long out of backpacking-Europe mode. My younger sis had loaned me some rubber sandals for showering, but I hadn’t thought through how to dry off afterward. There was nothing to do but holler again for her. This time she had only her own still-kinda-damp “microfiber camp towel” to offer. It was approximately the size and thickness of a facial tissue. Grabbing it anyway, I wondered if my low-budget-travel days should really be in the past.” Read more.

4 Ways to Use Your Summer Vacation to Spiritually Recharge

“It’s vacation season! Whether you’re trekking a mountain trail or hightailing it to the beach, taking a trip is the perfect time to recharge spiritually. You can use your time off to practice being more mindful, reboot your spiritual life, and reconnect with God.” Read more.

6 Out-Of-The-Box Ideas for an Unforgettable Vacation

“Recently, my husband and I spent a weekend in a cozy cabin on a family farm. It may sound like a strange choice for a romantic getaway, but as two people interested in sustainability and local food, we couldn’t have loved it more.” Read more.

Ethical Travel: 3 Smart Ways to Be a More Responsible Tourist

“As millennials of privilege who have the ability to travel to countries off the beaten path, it’s important to remember that we’re guests in a new place and honoring the people who live there is our first priority. It’s not hard to avoid being the “ugly American tourist,” as long as we remain faithful to the tenets of respecting different cultures and recognizing the dignity of the communities that we’re encountering abroad.” Read more.

Tips for Solo Travel

“The first time I booked a trip abroad by myself, I felt a number of emotions. I was thrilled to experience a new adventure, terrified something would go wrong, and overwhelmed by the possibilities of traveling solo. Traveling solo around the world can be rewarding, but there are a few things you might want to keep in mind before you head out on the road.” Read more.

5 Tips for Traveling as a Couple

“I’ve also had plenty of sunsets ruined by small fights caused by the stress that traveling can create. Once, in the middle of a beautiful dinner, I found myself screaming at my boyfriend about how we could have stayed at a nicer hotel if only we’d booked our trip sooner. Instead of leaving with doggie bags, we brought home hurt feelings and frustration. I don’t want you to share the same fate, so here are five tips to ensure smooth sailing on your romantic getaway.” Read more.

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