Your Essential Guide to Smart Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, despite what the weather forecast might say. So, break out the Clorox and rubber gloves and download your favorite podcasts: It’s time for some spring cleaning. If you’re overwhelmed with clutter and don’t know where to start, we’ve got you. If your apartment is immaculate but your savings account is not, there’s something for that too. If you’ve got all that covered, we also suggest focusing a bit on sprucing up your spiritual life. Here are six of our best pieces on spring cleaning.

8 Tried and True Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Desk

“When you think of spring cleaning, you likely think about tidying up your apartment, cleaning out your closet, and scrubbing down your kitchen. But if you’re reading this at work, pause and take a look around — is your desk due for some spring cleaning, too? I personally like to think a clean desk will boost your productivity and may even increase your chances of getting a promotion. Here are seven steps you can take to get your desk in order.” Read more.

4 Ways Clutter Holds Us Hostage

“Some people aren’t bothered by a messy house. I am not one of those people. Having a less than clean home amps up my anxiety and fills me with general malaise. I want my space to feel like a retreat – a place I want to be, rather than simply becoming a cleaning job I’m constantly dreading. Keeping up with my clutter gives me a visually calmer environment that helps put me at ease.” Read more.

The Hope of Spring: Lessons in Transition

“I had recently left my job working for a nonprofit, my sublet was coming to an end, and life was about as up in the air as it could get. I found myself in the quintessential state of many a transitory 20-something: sleeping on a friend’s futon with my bedding, kitchen supplies, and clothing spread out across the city (this friend could fit this box behind their couch, another could squeeze my laundry hamper into their closet). I prayed for clarity and direction, for answers, for some sense of a plan, a small foothold or sign.” Read more.

Do Your Finances Need a Little Spring Cleaning?

“When the warm weather approaches, you’ll certainly find me cleaning my house but you will also find me giving my finances a good refresh. Even for those of us who keep a monthly budget, spring is the perfect time to take a closer look to be sure nothing is falling through the cracks or keeping you from reaching your long-term goals. If you feel your finances need a spring spruce up, consider following these five steps for getting them in tip-top shape.” Read more.

Spiritual Spring Cleaning

“This year I want to take the idea of spring cleaning and bring it into my spiritual life. I spend at least a few times a year going through my clothes and cabinets, tossing things that are worn out or aren’t useful to me anymore, but how often do I practice the same level of care for neglected aspects of my spiritual life? The answer is simply, not enough. So if you’re thinking about diving into a bit of spiritual spring cleaning this year, don’t forget to include these five areas on your list as well.” Read more.

How I Decluttered My Life

“I first realized I had a problem when I moved back home after graduating from college with double the amount of possessions I left with. I felt like I was being swallowed by the endless piles of books, papers, clothes, toys, and body products, unable to find any peace in my room. Looking at it all made me feel like the walls were closing in. I realized I clung to so many unnecessary items I didn’t need and was never going to use. Throwing them all away and sending them to a landfill somewhere seemed like the easiest option, but I didn’t want to be wasteful. I decided that there had to be a better use for all my stuff, and I was determined to find it!” Read more.

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