How to Deal With Being a Part of the Burnout Generation

Do you feel personally responsible for the downfall of American cheese? Are you prone to signing your work emails “lol thx”? Would you choose buying a delicious piece of avocado toast over putting a down payment on a house? If you answered yes to any of these, you’re most likely a millennial.

Recently, the burnout of the millennial generation has become a hot topic, and we definitely sympathize. If you’re a 20-something feeling overwhelmed by your career, your friendships, or simply paying a bill on time because you hate mailing things, we’ve been there, and we’re here for you. Here’s six of our best articles on  #adulting as a millennial.

Millennial Discontent: Settling Into Uncertainty

“Someone once told me that the adult brain fully matures by 25 years of age. I recently turned 26, and I’m not sure that’s true. For one thing, I seem to have very little about life figured out. The 10-year plan that I had in my head at age 16 has not come true. I didn’t become a doctor and move abroad to work for an NGO. Nor have I met the love of my life and gotten married. Plans and dreams change, and for the most part, I’m alright with that. Though I have to admit that the uncertainty of life can become very unsettling.” Read more.

6 Things Millennials Aren’t Killing

“Lately, it seems like every other headline proclaims another business or product millennials are guilty of “killing,” from paper napkins to American beer to…doorbells? But for those of us in this generation, all the accusations can bring us down. After all, there are a number of things millennials do extremely well. Maybe it’s time to hear a good report. Here are six areas in which we’re making the world a better place.” Read more.

On Beating Imposter Syndrome

“Here’s the ultimate #meta moment for you that’s sure to, if nothing else, improve morale about your own life: After I was assigned this article about beating imposter syndrome, I sat in front of my laptop—without irony—and thought, ‘I can’t do this and they’re going to know.’ If that doesn’t perfectly embody the social epidemic that is Imposter Syndrome, then I don’t ever want to find out what does.” Read more.

How to Stop Measuring Yourself Against Other People’s Success

“When I discovered that I was going to need an extra semester to finish college, I immediately pictured all of my friends graduating before me, starting their lives, and traveling the world before I even completed my last finals. Looking back, I realize that everyone has their own unique timelines. But that’s difficult to  remember with society’s expectations of when to graduate, get married, or complete other life milestones looming large. When we start comparing our lives to others, it’s easy to feel disappointed in ourselves and the progress we’ve made so far.” Read more.

6 Ways to Build Confidence In Your 20s

“It’s easy to lose confidence when you’re exploring life in your 20s. You’re expected to pick and land a long-term career, support yourself, take care of your health, and live on your own independently for the first time. Growing up includes failure, doubts, and uncertainties, all of which I’ve experienced. While it’s easy to feel defeated from these obstacles, it’s the steps you take next that will help you rebound and emerge stronger, and more confidently, than ever.” Read more.

Know Your Worth: How to Prevent Being Taken Advantage of At Work

“When I started my freelance writing career, I was utterly clueless. Like so many others, I fell into the trap of not knowing my worth and doing work for free. I was convinced that writing an article–without compensation–would lead to exposure and higher paying gigs. When I proudly told my mentor I had completed yet another free guest column, it was clear she used all her self-restraint not to smack me upside the head. ‘Stop working for free,’ she yelled. ‘Exposure doesn’t pay your bills.’” Read more.

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