How to Live Lent in Ordinary Time: A Year-Round Guide to Personal Development

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Although Lent only lasts 40 days, we can carry what we learned during that time with us throughout the Easter season and beyond. If you’re looking to expand your personal and spiritual development, check out this roundup for some thoughtful tips.


Using Lent to Be the Best Version of Myself 

“I want to be more relaxed and prepared as I go about my day and show the people around me that they deserve someone who will not be rushed to meet them, but who is relaxed and prepared to enjoy quality time. I hope that I can continue to be present in meaningful ways such as spending time in prayer or reflection.” Read more.


Is It Time for Some Spiritual Spring Cleaning?

“This year I want to take the idea of spring cleaning and bring it into my spiritual life. I spend at least a few times a year going through my clothes and cabinets, tossing things that are worn out or aren’t useful to me anymore, but how often do I practice the same level of care for neglected aspects of my spiritual life? The answer is simply, not enough.” Read more.


4 Ways to Forgive and Make Peace With Yourself 

“I started to be a little kinder to myself — and I realized: Hey, this feels WAY better than beating myself up! The nicer I was to myself, the more I naturally started to make better choices. It became easier to be forgiving of others, too. And it helped me to do better moving forward — to choose healthier habits, to honor my self-worth, and to take a pause before I react.” Read more.


3 Creative Prayer Ideas That Anyone Can Try

Prayer can take many different forms, and I even had a nun tell me once that sleep can be a form of prayer. If you’re new to prayer or are feeling stuck in your prayer life, here are three creative ways in which you can pray.” Read more.


Why I’m Giving up Jealousy for Lent 

“Jealousy is one of those slippery things we’re bound to lapse into without even noticing—and you can’t just hide the temptation away in a drawer during Lent. But it’s not an excuse to stop trying. Instead, I’ll look inward and think about what may have triggered the negative thought, see how I can redirect it, and enjoy what new gifts it inspires. Hopefully it will help build healthy habits that last well beyond these 40 days.” Read more.


Lenten Reads: 5 Books to Examine Your Faith

A good book challenges and inspires me. Earlier this year, I read “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents” by Isabel Wilkerson, which has made me reconsider what I used to believe about race and inspired me to be more self-aware in my actions. Now that we’re in the Christian season of Lent, it is also the perfect time for challenge, inspiration, reconsideration, and action.” Read more.


How to Keep a Spiritual Journal (With Writing Prompts to Get You Started!)

Only now, in my mid-20s, has journaling become more of a spiritual practice. Instead of just writing about what’s happening and what I might be struggling with, I started to realize that I was finding wisdom in my experiences—and this was a game changer for me. Instead of feeling stuck in my circumstances, I was able to take a step back and realize what I was learning.” Read more.

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