How to Host an Affordable Super Bowl Party

Ah, Super Bowl Sunday—the second-largest day for eating, after Thanksgiving. If the thought of having a party on Super Bowl Sunday is dancing around in your head, but you aren’t sure how to host without breaking the bank, here are some tips for hosting a Super Bowl party on a budget.

1. Make it a potluck

Asking friends to each bring a dish makes playing host a lot easier. Don’t be afraid to delegate what to bring so you don’t end up with three giant bowls of guacamole. Step up the game and ask friends to bring a copy of the recipe they made—people can snap a quick photo on their phones to make the dishes they loved at home. Perfect Potluck has some great ideas for recipes and even allows you to create a profile to send invites and automated reminder e-mails to your guests who volunteered to make a dish.

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2. DIY decorations are your friend

Party decorations can be expensive and oftentimes  themed to go with the the teams playing that year, rendering them useless for subsequent years. By making your own decorations for your party, you can use them for years and save precious time (rather than running out every year to buy new decorations) and money. A favorite craft of mine is this DIY field goal post made out of empty soda cans. Another fun option is to use some football jerseys of yours (or a friend’s) and pin them up to your wall, creating a makeshift photo booth. This blog even offers free Super Bowl photo booth props to print and use at your party.

3. When it comes to recipes, simple is key

When it comes to Super Bowl Sunday food, simple and tasty is key. Guests aren’t interested in gourmet appetizers, they just want something delicious to snack on while they watch their favorite team (or the halftime show). Try a simple crowd favorite like potato skins—the only ingredients needed are potatoes, bacon bits and cheese. Nachos are also a great idea, as you can make them with beef, steak, chicken or vegetarian ingredients. For dessert, try these cocoa crispy rice treats for a quick and easy treat all ages will love.

4. Stick to beer and wine

By sticking to beer and wine, costly liquor prices and mixers are eliminated. Don’t worry about buying pricey alcohol either, a few bottles of wine and a case of affordable beer should be plenty of beverages to keep guests entertained. Also, if you or someone you know are members of a store like Costco or Sam’s Club, consider bulk buying your beer and wine for the big night.

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5. Speaking of entertainment, make it uncomplicated

The friends who are there because they love the commercials or the food, but don’t care for the game will have even more fun with some Super Bowl commercial trivia. Split into teams and offer a prize or a plate of leftovers to the winner.

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