The Best Ways to Express Gratitude This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here! The temperature is going down, the number of hot chocolates purchased is going up, and retail stores are already playing Christmas music (much to the chagrin of their employees). With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s important to think about how you give thanks. If you’re feeling a little stumped on how to practice some gratitude this year, we’ve got your back with a round-up of our best posts on the subject.

3 Ways to Remind Yourself of Daily Blessings

“The truth is, even in the midst of cultivating gratitude through my journaling practice, it is still easy to overlook the ever-present goodness in my life. I have (more than) adequate shelter. I have plenty of food to eat. I have a job. I have my health. I have family and friends who bring so much joy to my life. I have my dog and cat. I have clothes. I have access to all kinds of resources. I have so much in my life that goes unnoticed, and I am determined to change my mindset.” Read more

Ways to Give Thanks and Give Back This Fall

Sometimes the best way to give thanks is to give back. This piece gives you five reminders of what to be grateful for this busy holiday season (like good food and good company), along with five ways you can share the wealth. Read more.

Gratitude: A Lifestyle, Not a Season

“Gratitude can be a season, like Thanksgiving; a lesson, like a father teaching his son to say ‘thank you;’ or a lifestyle, which means always looking for ways to say ‘thanks’ for the smallest and biggest gifts in life. As the Thanksgiving season approaches, look for ways to build gratitude into your life year round…Here are four ways to help you get started.” Read more.

Digital #Gratitude: Ways to Give Thanks All Year Long

Finally, a way to express gratitude without having to move from your couch! The digital age makes it incredibly easy to celebrate your daily blessings, from an app version of a gratitude journal, to sending a quick “thank you” to a coworker for their hard work. Read more

This Christmas, Be Where You Are

“The Christmas of our dreams is different for all of us, as is what it means to be home. Unless you’re extremely lucky, there’s probably a gap between what is and the ideal in your mind. But I think God is calling us to be exactly where we are this Christmas, to be mindful of the blessings in our lives in the here and now.” Read more

Originally published on November 16, 2018.

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