Amendo’s Essential Guide to Navigating Romantic Relationships

man and woman looking at each other outside at sunset Whether you’re searching for the right person or you’ve been with them for years, it can be difficult to know exactly how to make your romantic relationships as healthy and life-giving as possible. It’s easy to imagine what a relationship should ideally look like, but in practice, they’re a lot harder to navigate. So to help you love being in love, we’ve curated the best-of-the-best on Amendo when it comes to how our writers handle their love lives. From long-distance dates to finding new ways to actually enjoy dating, this is the guide you need for navigating your romantic relationships this summer.

Swipe Right: The Personal Benefits of Online Dating 

“Dating has its ups and downs, but it helped me rekindle a relationship with the most important person in my life: myself. I don’t know what my future will bring in terms of dating, but I know that every new experience is a chance to learn and grow.” Read more.

How Dating Is Like Job Hunting (and How to Succeed With Both) 

“I’ve had great dates and crappy dates, just as I’ve had great job interviews and crappy ones. I try to be hopeful and optimistic, in general. At the end of the day, I wouldn’t want to fill a job vacancy if I wasn’t well suited for the position. Likewise, I don’t want to pursue a relationship with someone unless we both feel a connection.” Read more.

These Long-Distance Date Ideas Transcend the Miles 

“You may not be able to sit across from each other at the kitchen table playing Scrabble, but nowadays, there’s an app for that! My boyfriend and I try out a new game every couple of months. It started with Words With Friends and right now, we’re on a crossword puzzle kick.

Challenging each other in an online game fosters a healthy sense of competition and keeps us in contact frequently. It adds an element of playfulness to our relationship (but it also can cause some harmless tiffs because unfortunately, he beats me at almost everything).” Read more.

5 Important First-Date Tips for Introverts 

“Introverts usually prefer one-on-one talks. However, we don’t necessarily open up easily to new people, which can make first dates especially stressful. I found it a lot easier to go on first dates once I started spending more one-on-one time with friendly acquaintances. I would ask them out for coffee and treat it as an opportunity to get to know them better. The more I did this, the better I got at asking stimulating questions that kept the conversation flowing.” Read more.

Why You Need to Travel With Your S.O. Before Getting Serious

“You could say our first day of our first trip together wasn’t Instagram-worthy. But I wouldn’t trade that trainwreck for the world, because it unveiled our worst (and best) selves, it taught us how to fight fair, and we grew closer as a couple from it. And by the second day of our trip, we were teammates, exploring temples and shrines, asking strangers to take our picture, and offering to carry each other’s bags. In fact, after exploring new places together, Adam isn’t just my No. 1 navigator or my favorite travel pillow — he’s my best friend.” Read more.

Beyond the Bar: 5 Creative Date Ideas That Dont Involve Alcohol 

“Many people are daunted by first dates but, over time, I’ve realized that I’ve been most daunted by second dates. First dates usually consisted of meeting for a happy hour, a meal, or really anything involving alcohol. Consuming a few drinks led to an ease in conversation, which I mistook for an authentic, emotional connection. While a little liquid courage may have helped get me through first dates, I would frequently find myself on disappointing second dates.” Read more.

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