8 Essential Podcasts That Will Help You Master Life

I am a total podcast junkie. Anytime I’m in the car or tidying up around the house, I’m always toting my phone around listening to the latest episode of one of my favorites. You can get a quick dose of life advice, learn financial lessons, brush up on history, or get swept up in a good story, all while on your daily commute or working on mundane chores.

Podcasts are great because they fit so neatly into activities you already do, and they are a great free source of education and entertainment. Narrowing down my favorite millennial podcasts is a near impossible task — especially with new ones popping up all the time — but these eight are my evergreen favorites that I find myself listening to over and over again.

Life in your 20s

“Millennial” with host Megan Tan – Listening to “Millennial” is like watching a sitcom that takes place in your brain. The real-life podcast chronologically follows Megan’s postgrad life as she tackles subjects like wondering when to get married or whether or not a move would make her life happier. The thoughts and struggles are so universal that at least once an episode I find myself thinking, man, that is so me.

Favorite episode: “Thirty-Year Plan”

Another gem: “Adulthood Made Easy” with host Sam Zabell – more advice for how to be a full-fledged grown-up


“Dear Sugar” with hosts Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond – If you love a good advice column, you’ll love this podcast. You may know Cheryl Strayed as the author of “Wild,” but she’s also many people’s go-to for heartfelt advice. “Dear Sugar” originated as an online relationship column on “The Rumpus,” and translates beautifully into podcast format. She teams up with host Steve Almond to deliver transcendent advice that speaks both to the question at hand and the deeper nature of our relationship struggles.

Favorite episode: “Love in the Digital Age”

Another gem: “Empowered Couples” with hosts The Freemans – This podcast features interviews with power couples like rock legend couple Alice and Sheryl Cooper on how they make it work.


“Listen, Money Matters” with hosts Matt and Andrew – While lots of financial podcasts out there use intimidating terminology and are aimed at a much older audience, “Listen, Money Matters” feels like talking about finances with a couple of friends over beer (often the hosts even drink beer while recording). The advice is practical and the focus is personal – exactly how I like to frame my money talks.

Favorite episode: “Money for the Love of Freedom”

Another gem: “So Money” with host Farnoosh Torabi – Great financial advice about money, career, and living your best life with inspiring, insightful interviews.


“The Dollop” with hosts Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds – Part history lesson and part stand-up comedy routine, this bi-weekly podcast makes me snort with laughter every time. Host Dave Anthony reads about a weird historical topic while his partner, Gareth Reynolds, gives comedic commentary on the fly. Gareth never knows what topic is coming, but he is always ready to roll with the punches.

Favorite episode: “Mashers and Hatpins”

Another gem: “The Moth Radio Hour” – Real people telling stories from their lives, running the gamut from inspiring to hilarious.

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