5 Podcasts to Listen to Right Now


During our commutes to work or rides on public transportation, we often seek ways to drown out the hustle and bustle around us. Before pressing play on the latest album from your favorite singer or band, consider tuning in to one of these five must-listen podcasts.

1. “The Baby-Sitters Club Club”

If you’re in your 20s, you’re likely to remember the much-loved “Baby-Sitters Club” book series by Ann M. Martin. Though you may have grown out of reading about baby sitter foils, the hosts of this uproarious podcast remind you of all the things you loved about Martin’s colorful novels. Follow along as hosts and friends, Jack Shepherd and Tanner Greenring re-read and recap each of the books in the series. Even “Baby-Sitters Club” newbies will enjoy the hosts’ undeniable chemistry, their laugh-out-loud musings and special segments.

2. “Embedded”

True to its name, “Embedded” takes you inside news stories that matter. Hosted by Kelly McEvers, an award-winning journalist and co-host of NPR’s “All Things Considered,” this NPR podcast educates listeners about a generally lesser-known story worth your attention. Past episodes have taken listeners to a Greenland village dealing with serious mental illness, a Western Pennsylvania school affected by an impending shutdown, and a small Indiana town at the center of an HIV epidemic. For those looking to learn more about the world around them, “Embedded” is the perfect addition to your podcast queue.

3 “On Being”

Question what it means to be human and to live your life to the fullest with the award-winning hour-long radio show and podcast, “On Being.” Hosted by Krista Tippett, the acclaimed series features a multitude of guests, including past appearances by Maya Angelou, Yo-Yo Ma, Desmond Tutu, and more. Experts in a variety of fields will challenge your thinking, sharing their personal viewpoints and thoughts on the complexities of human life and the importance of living each moment of every day to the fullest.

4. “Stuff You Should Know”

If you’re wondering about the history of action figures, how to become a food tester, or how makeup is created and used in different cultures, the inquisitive minds behind the “Stuff You Should Know” podcast from HowStuffWorks.com is for you. From history to science and beyond, “Stuff You Should Know” is your guide to mysteries you never considered and factual information you may never have known. Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant, the hosts and masterminds behind the series, are a duo curious and questioning of their surroundings, and they welcome you in for a casual and entertaining conversation among colleagues.

5. “The Watch”

Deciding what to binge-watch on Netflix? Luckily, “The Watch” is here to help make those tough pop culture consumption decisions for us. Hosts, Andy Greenwald, journalist and television host of “Hacking Robot” on USA Network, and Chris Ryan, editor of “The Ringer” and host of HBO’s “After the Thrones,” dive into the newest in television, movies, music, and more. Whether recapping “Mr. Robot,” dissecting the must-watch fall series, or advising music fans on the hottest albums, “The Watch” is your guide for what to watch, listen, and enjoy. Along with weekly episodes, the hosts invite special guests from the entertainment industry into the studio for in-depth interviews.

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