3 Affirmations From the Book of Psalms to Help Nurture Your Soul

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For as long as I can remember, picking up my Bible every morning has helped ease my anxiety. As someone who has always felt more confident and courageous through positive mantras, I typically borrow a verse from the Book of Psalms as my daily affirmation to repeat, relieve stress, and deepen my faith.

I’ve been drawn to the Book of Psalms because it’s full of poems and letters of love. After reading Psalm 34, I realized peace is the answer to times of struggle and I drew courage from the peace being shown to me. I felt alive through this passage. Just like that, “I seek peace and pursue it” became one of my favorite affirmations to use because I felt connected to the peace that comes from God. Here are three of my favorite affirmations from the Book of Psalms.

“I seek peace and pursue it.” – Psalm 34:14

I found this verse when I was in need of peace of mind. My heart was heavy during a particularly challenging time last winter. When I meditated on this verse, I felt God was reaching out to me, and I felt relieved and grateful for such an insight that if I seek peace and pursue it, everything will be fine. I found this affirmation particularly helpful to turn to daily in the morning or before bed when anxiety may be heightened. It was a reassuring reminder throughout my day that peace was with me, even when I struggled with panic, depression, and anxiety.

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” – Psalm 23:1

Sometimes, I feel alone and scared about my future, especially when struggling with mental illness. Reading that the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want, brings me back to the present moment because I have nothing to fear knowing he is near. Then, I take a deep breath in. This verse makes me feel a sense of trust and joy in the path that God has gifted me to follow (even in times of darkness).

This can be spoken or prayed with as a midday affirmation when times are tough or you may be feeling down about the current affairs of the world. I like to also repeat these mantras during my mid-afternoon stroll outside in nature.

“Guide me in thy truth and teach me” – Psalm 25:5

The final affirmation from the Book of Psalms, “Guide me in my truth and teach me,” allows me to stay true to myself as well as affirm that God is guiding me in his truth, teaching me his ways. When I repeat these words, I am fueled with encouragement from God that I can do anything and I am not limited by my own overthinking.

Sometimes I feel I lack purpose, especially as a writer seeking patience knowing that the seeds being sown will take longer to reap. However,  there are lessons to be learned through trials and tribulations. This is what I think when I lack confidence or direction. You may also feel his peace and guidance when repeating this verse.

Verses from the Bible can help as much as mantras because they are powerful words given to us by God to receive and believe in the power of his guidance; we just have to trust in it and live through it.

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