The Friday 5: Your Uplifting Stories of the Week

Sometimes the news can be, well, not so inspiring. When headlines get you down, it’s important to remember that positive things are still happening all around us. Here are five hopeful and encouraging stories to pay attention to this week:

Sidewalk Museums for Social Distancing

California mother Daphne Sashin sent out an email to her neighborhood group asking neighbors to chalk drawings on their driveway and sidewalks. She came up with the idea while “looking for something to keep her kids occupied while her family shelters in place during the coronavirus outbreak.” In the email, Sashin asked everyone to complete drawings by Friday at noon. The results of Sashin’s email are astonishing; more than 50 homes in Sashin’s neighborhood came together to create a “community art museum.” Now when families go on walks, it’s like they’re going through a community chalk art museum. Sashin’s activity meets the requirements of social distancing while also bringing the neighborhood together. Read more.

Yale’s Most Popular Course, Now Available in Your Living Room

Do you have a bit of extra time on your hands lately? If social distancing has you a little less happy, check out this class from Yale University! Founded by the head of Yale’s Silliman College, this class is the most popular class in Yale’s history. Titled “The Science of Well-Being”, this class is now available for through Coursera, free of cost! This course will both teach you what is scientifically known to generate happiness as well as provide you with tips, tricks, and challenges to stimulate happiness in your own life. Read more.

Stuck Inside? Try Cooking With the Internet’s Favorite Italian Grandma

Find yourself stress-eating more carbs than usual? We suggest making some homemade pasta! “Handmade Pasta with Grandma” is one of AirBnB’s highest rated experiences, and it just went online! If you book this online experience, you will receive a shopping list, translated notes, and a wine pairing list. And don’t worry, if you aren’t lucky enough to snatch up one of the few remaining weekend spots with Nonna, her granddaughter Chiara hosts classes during the week. Read more.

Yale Affiliates Start Organization to Aid the Most Vulnerable

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, one positive has been the incredible ways in which local communities have stepped up to support each other. Recently, another iteration of this was founded by two Yale affiliates, Liam Elkind and Simone Policano. Together, they founded Invisible Hands Deliver, a program where people can order online and have food, medicine, and other goods shopped for and delivered for free. Within just a few days, Invisible Hands Deliver already has more than 2,700 volunteers. Together, these volunteers are running important errands for the most medically fragile members of their communities. Read more.

Meet Lieutenant Dan: The Most Adorable New Mascot

Love Cadbury Eggs? We bet you’ll love their new mascot even more. Meet Lieutenant Dan–a two-legged dog from Ohio. Lieutenant Dan beat out some very tough competition, as more than 4,000 other animals auditioned to be the newest mascot for Cadbury. Although he gets around with the help of two wheels, Lieutenant Dan is just as active as your average pupper, according to his bio, “he loves to wrestle, run, hike, and swim.” If you’re anything like us and can’t get enough of Lieutenant Dan, check out his Instagram page! Read more.

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