The Friday 5: Your Uplifting Stories of the Week

Sometimes the news can be, well, not so inspiring. When headlines get you down, it’s important to remember that positive things are still happening all around us. Here are five hopeful and encouraging stories to pay attention to this week:

#QuiltyNotGuilty: How a Shelter Feline Broke Out of His Confines and Into Our Hearts

Quilty the cat will not be contained! Quilty is currently staying in a Houston animal shelter, and he has been raising a lot of mischief since he arrived. All cats are kept in the same room, allowed to roam free. Quilty has lead repeated insurrections at the shelter, because every time he tries to escape, he frees all of the other cats along with him. While some may say Quilty causes disturbances to the shelter community, he’s amassed a devoted following on social media and we admire his leadership and commitment to cat freedom. #QuiltyNotGuilty UPDATE: Quilty’s antics not only garnered him internet-fame — he may be on his way to a forever home! Read more.

The NBA Honors Veterans Day

The NBA honored veterans this week, leading to some heartwarming moments. The Boston Celtics’ Jayson Tatum gave one military family a very sweet surprise for Veterans Day. Before the game started, Tatum took the time to introduce himself to U.S. Air Force TSgt. Sesh and his son. In a video posted online by NBC Sports’ Twitter account, Tatum signs a ball and hands it to the little boy. Then, he leans down and unlaces his bright green basketball shoes and gives those to him as well. The boy was so happy he cried and hugged his dad. In New York, the Knicks had a special musical guest. WWII Veteran Pete DuPre, a 96-year-old with the nickname “Harmonica Pete,” performed the National Anthem on a customized Knicks harmonica that was gifted to him before the game. These moments show the true spirit of Veterans Day.

Real Life “Hidden Figures” Receive Highest Civilian Award In the U.S.

This week, engineers Christine Darden and Mary Jackson, mathematician Katherine Johnson, and computer programmer Dorothy Vaughan were awarded Congressional Gold Medals. If those names sound familiar to you, it’s probably because they are the four African American women who were highlighted in the 2017 film “Hidden Figures,” which features the story of their groundbreaking work at NASA during the space race. It is a proud moment in our country to honor these women for their intelligence, bravery, and fortitude; and to reward them for their contributions to science, the women’s movement, and the progression of civil rights. Read more.

Oh, Baby: Judge Holds Child While Swearing in the Boy’s Mother

When Juliana Lamar became pregnant during law school, she knew immediately that taking a step back from school was not an option. With the support of her husband, Juliana gave birth to a beautiful baby boy while finishing law school on time. So when it was time for Juliana to be officially sworn in as a lawyer, the judge made sure to include her new baby boy. Video footage shows Judge Richard Dinkins with the baby boy propped on his hip, as Juliana smiles with her right hand raised. Read more.

A Special Soul: Little Girl Reads Books to Shelter Dogs After School

Every Wednesday is a special day for some shelter pups. When Scarlett Rose Geiger gets out of school, she goes straight to her local animal shelter, where she picks out new books to read to the pups every week. She can be seen in videos sticking her tiny hands through the dogs’ cages to scratch their ears or steal a slobbery kiss. Scarlett says she likes to read to the pups because she doesn’t want the dogs to be sad while they wait for a home. And while she already has two rescue dogs of her own, she certainly wishes she could save them all. Read more.

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