The Essential Guide to Starting a New Job

Whether it’s your first job or your 15th, starting a new gig is nerve-wracking. You have to worry about what to wear, getting your coworkers to like you, and, oh yeah, doing your new job well. But we’re here to help you say goodbye to your first-day (or week, or month) jitters and share all the thoughtful advice you’re looking for, whether you’re wondering how to recover from an embarrassing gaffe or if you should Gchat your 65-year-old coworker.  

A Newbie’s Guide to the First Week on the Job

“When I started my very first job out of a college as the receptionist at a TV studio, I was plagued with worries. Would I make a good first impression with my boss? Would I learn how everything works quickly enough? Would I have work friends?” Read more.  

Know Your Worth: How to Prevent Being Taken Advantage of at Work

“When I proudly told my mentor I had completed yet another free guest column, it was clear she used all her self-restraint not to smack me upside the head. ‘Stop working for free,’ she yelled. ‘Exposure doesn’t pay your bills.’” Read more.

Dress to Impress: How to Build a Professional Wardrobe

“The phone rang at 5 p.m. ‘Can you come in tomorrow morning at 9 for an interview?’ I ran out to the nearest H&M, pleaded with the security guard to let me in even though it neared closing. In under 15 minutes, my mission was accomplished: I left with a pair of conservative black pants and three blouses. I vowed from then on to always have a professional outfit on hand. If opportunity was going to knock, at the very least, I wanted to be dressed to open the door.” Read more.

How to Manage Workplace Stress

“When I was 22, I got a job in marketing. Suddenly, I entered into an industry that never sleeps, taking phone calls at 11 p.m., working weekends, and managing traffic for one of the busiest advertising agencies in New England. It was at that job that I learned one of the most important lessons of my career—how to manage stress. And with a bit of effort, I was able to turn what once felt overwhelming into a smooth set of daily processes that rarely amounted to more than I could handle.” Read more.

Millennials, Gen X-Ers, and Boomers, Oh My: A Guide to Intergenerational Communication in the Office

“While I’ve never held a full-time job that didn’t come with a laptop, email address, and almost 24/7 connectivity, many of my esteemed colleagues began their careers with a typewriter and carbon copy forms.” Read more.

What are you most nervous about when starting a new job?

How to Integrate Your Spirituality at Work

“Instead of putting my work life and spiritual life at odds with each other, with one stealing time from the other, I have been working toward integrating the two. With work and faith intertwined, I can remain better connected with my grounding beliefs — that I’m loved by God and can count on him to guide my days — while faithfully devoting myself to my work.” Read more.

How to Survive Embarrassing Office Moments

“Yep – I tumbled down a half a flight of stairs. Papers went flying, the projector broke into a million pieces, and my pants split right down the middle. Needless to say, both bosses got a big glimpse of my bright pink undies. I wanted to run away. I wanted to cry. But somehow, I picked myself up and continued to the meeting (sitting instead of standing of course).” Read more.

How to Make Your Twitter More Professional

“My social media feed used to be filled with emotional posts about ex-boyfriends, lengthy complaints about homework, or other inappropriate content. I realized that employers, family members, coaches, or anyone with any importance in my life could see what I put on social media, and I had to be more careful. Regardless of your field, your Twitter account is in a position to help, or harm you when it comes to future work.” Read more.


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