Summer, Swimming, and Snowmen? How to Celebrate Christmas in July

The weather outside likely isn’t so frightful, but the warm and sunny days of July can still be delightful for a Christmas celebration. While it’s unclear as to where the idea of the summer version of the holiday celebration originated, the 1940s comedy film “Christmas in July” popularized the term enough to become an unofficial summer celebration. Ready to engage your holiday spirit while still soaking up the sun? Here’s how to celebrate:  

Throw a festive party

Invite your friends over for a holiday-themed bash. Replace the ugly Christmas sweaters with red and green summer attire, and deck the yard by stringing lights on any trees, bushes, or fences around. Throw on a Christmas Pandora station (fun fact: you can find holiday stations all year long) or a Christmas movie marathon for some holiday cheer. No surprise here, but Pinterest is alive with ideas for spirited and delicious treat ideas for your Christmas-in-July party, from watermelon Christmas trees to melted snowman cookies.

Hold some “reindeer games”

Get your exercise in with some summer sports. A game of horseshoes can transform to “reindeer shoes,” volleyball to “jollyball” and frisbee to … um, frosty frisbee? Even if your game lacks a smart seasonal pun, engaging your competitive spirit will add to your summer Christmas cheer. Don’t forget to fill up some white water balloons for a fun summer snowball fight!

Visit your family

If the holidays are one of the only times you make it home throughout the year, consider booking a trip to see mom and dad, or better yet, organize a family reunion. Christmas is all about celebrating joy and hope with your community, and spending quality time with your loved ones can be the best summer recharge of all.

Send holiday cards

Have leftover Christmas cards from last December? Now is a great time to put them to use. Send a heartfelt, snail mail note to your friends and loved ones letting them know you’re thinking about them. They might get a chuckle from your seasonally-inappropriate snowman card, but they’ll enjoy being thought of during the summer months.

Give back

Many people remember their favorite charities, local food pantries, and shelters around Christmastime, but as the weather heats up and vacations are planned, the summer can turn into a real dry spell for those in need. Take the time this month to contribute to your favorite charity or donate items to your local food pantry. If you don’t have the resources to make a financial gift, consider giving of your time. Organize a park or beach cleanup, volunteer at an animal shelter, or clean out your closet to donate some gently used clothes.

Originally published on July 13, 2016.

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