Make the Most of Your Thanksgiving This Year

What’s not to love about Thanksgiving? You don’t have to buy any gifts, and you can just celebrate the many people and things you’re thankful for, while also eating copious amounts of delicious food. But as we get older, the holidays and traditions that come with them might change. Sometimes we may not be home for the big turkey dinner, or we might take on the role of hosting Thanksgiving, whether it be for family or friends. However, if there’s one thing that stays the same, it’s that this holiday is a reminder to be grateful for everything we have in life: our families, friends, health, homes, education, work, and of course the fact that we are fortunate enough to put food on the table and celebrate. Whatever your situation is this year, we have some stories and tips that’ll help you have a successful, gratitude-filled Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving in a Foreign Country 

Coming together in fellowship with loved ones. Sharing what we have. Counting our blessings. Taking the time to rest from our daily lives. No matter where you are or who you’re with, this is what Thanksgiving is about.” Read more.

How to Host Your First Thanksgiving Without Going Broke

If you find yourself stressing out about money or worrying that your budget-friendly meal won’t be a hit with your guests, remember the time together and good things in your life are what really make the Thanksgiving holiday.” Read more

How I Knew It Was Time to Start Our Own Holiday Tradition 

Breaking away from traditions that we once loved, but that just didn’t fit anymore, was tough but gave us freedom to truly appreciate the holidays for what they were — a time for gratitude, reflection, and love.” Read more

Celebrate Friendsgiving this November

There’s something incredibly special about celebrating a holiday meal with your family-by-choice, and I’ve come to look forward to this friend-focused feast every year. Not only is it delicious (most friends bring their favorite family recipes, creating a buffet of dishes perfected and loved over many generations), but it’s also a time to come together and catch up, watch football, play games, and work through the post-turkey tryptophan haze as a community.” Read more

Gratitude: A Lifestyle, Not a Season

Gratitude can be a season, like Thanksgiving; a lesson, like a father teaching his son to say thank you; a moment, like a quick ‘thanks’ in the morning; or a lifestyle, which means always looking for ways to say ‘thanks’ for the smallest and biggest gifts in life.” Read more

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