How to Give Back with the Subscription Box Trend


I’ll admit, the first time I heard about subscription boxes I was skeptical. When I looked into them, though, I was amazed at their variety and value. And as I did some research, I realized that not only can you find a box to suit most all of your needs, but you can also find boxes that do good for others in the process.

1) Feel the Love while Feeding Kids: Love With Food

My boyfriend and I are long distance right now, and I really miss him.  As one of the ways to keep us connected, I wanted to send him a subscription box of food because he loves to eat. He runs all the time and needs the fuel, and it’s fun for me to feel like I can help feed him even from afar.  I like the idea of sending him about eight organic snacks a month, but what I like even more is that for each box purchased the company will donate a meal to a hungry child. Plus, it says “Love with Food” on the box, which is exactly what I’m going for with this gift.

2) Work on that New Year’s Resolution With a Twist: Pretty Fit

Let’s be real — exercising and being healthy can be a lot easier when you have cool swag to motivate you. Pretty Fit offers nutritional supplements, healthy snacks and fitness equipment. As a nice feature, you can opt out of a month, and you won’t be charged. But the best part? For every box purchased, they give a percentage to Vitamin Angels, an organization that provides vitamins and nutrition to pregnant mothers and children in need.

3) Lend a Paw to Your Furry Friends: Paw Pack

Our furry friends definitely make our lives better, so why not treat them too? Enter Paw Pack, which provides a monthly assortment of sustainable and natural snacks, toys and treats for your pet. And the company promises to give ten percent of their proceeds to help rescue animals. So you get to show love not only to your pet, but to other animals in need.

4) Send Big Hugs to Your Loved Ones: Pijon Box

This one is somewhat targeted toward parents who want to send care packages to college students, but in reality it would make a great gift for anyone you might miss. It is customizable for your preferences and can include anything from snacks to beauty products to socks. Best of all, this subscription supports Project Night Night, a charity that provides care packages with pillows, blankets and other cozy items to children who are homeless. What could be cooler than that?

5) Teach Kids to Connect: Mightee Kids

Mightee Kids is a cool and innovative way to educate children about social issues while simultaneously giving them a sense of ownership in their involvement. Each month, Mightee Kids selects a different charity to donate to. The children get a t-shirt to help spread awareness about the cause they are supporting as well as information about the people who benefit from their donations. Helping kids put a human face on giving can teach them early on that their actions affect others. And this is a gift that keeps on giving — teaching compassion at a young age can keep it at the forefront of a person’s heart throughout life.

So next time you’re thinking of trying a new subscription box, keep some of these ideas in mind. Because when you’re getting cool stuff for yourself or your loved ones, how awesome will it be to know that others are benefiting along the way?

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