Hate Your job? Consider This Before You Quit

Tired Or Frustrated Office Worker Looking At Computer Screen

Fed up with your job? Feel like quitting? Here are some things to consider before you make such a drastic decision.

Could it be your life circumstances?

Have you considered that maybe your job isn’t the problem — but your life circumstances are? Maybe other things are stressing you out and negatively impacting your emotions and attitude, which in turn is impacting how you view your job.

Evaluate where your mind and heart are before you make an emotional decision and quit. If you quit based on temporary emotions, when you’re back at a good place you’ll regret your decision — or you’ll find yourself at another job feeling the same way.

I once quit my job because I was going through a rough time in my personal life, and I later regretted that decision when my troubles left and I had a clear head.

Have you considered what you want to do next?

Let’s say you quit your job … then what? Are you quitting to pursue greater passions or do you have a shot at your dream job? If you quit without an idea of what you want to do next, you may find yourself looking for another job for the next few months!

That’s exactly what happened to me. I wanted out without an idea of what I wanted to do next. Having nothing lined up to earn income was difficult because I found myself concerned about money and considering taking any job to meet my needs.

Did you make any connections you can use in your career?

If you haven’t built any relationships at your job, then you might want to consider doing so. Maybe there’s someone you truly admire who would mentor you while you’re there. Perhaps reaching out to others around you will help rekindle your excitement about your job.

Plus, these connections can come in handy as a reference or even a bridge to employment elsewhere if you decide to move on in the future. I befriended a person I was working alongside, and the relationship has been key in the job I’m doing now.

Have you considered an internal move in the same company?

Why go through a long, slow interview process and have to get acclimated to a completely new environment if you don’t have to? Maybe you like the company you work for but not your role — explore other positions in the company.

An internal move in the same company will feel new and exciting without all the work that comes with hunting for a new job. Plus, companies tend to promote from within, so why start at the bottom of the heap in a new company? Why forgo any accrued PTO or the perks of the relationships you’ve already built where you are?

I found myself bored in one position at the company I worked for, so I started taking more responsibilities and ended up transitioning to a position better suited for me.

In whatever you do, make sure your mind is clear and you have an idea of what you are running to as opposed to what you are running from. That way you’ll make wise decisions and propel yourself ahead in life for the long term instead of being motivated by temporary feelings and desires.

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