6 Mother’s Day Gift Alternatives

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and while you may be tempted to go into panic mode (like I was!) hold the brakes and breathe. You may not have a gift for her yet, but in this case, procrastination may be a good thing, because perhaps an alternative gift for Mom is just what she needs this year. What about giving her an experiential gift, like wine tasting or hiking? Flowers and jewelry are great, but here are six great gifts Mom will appreciate on her special day, and the best part is, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to make it happen.

Serve a thoughtful meal

Show Mom you’ve got the hang of this adulting thing by making her a delicious meal from scratch. You could approach this a couple ways, depending on what she would most appreciate: If she enjoys cooking, the two of you could tag-team a fancy meal. Or, since Mother’s Day is all about pampering, keep Mom in the dark until she arrives, and surprise her with your delicious smoked leg of lamb or balsamic-glazed salmon (again, Pinterest is full of wonders).

Go wine tasting together

What could be better than sipping a glass of wine at a local tasting room or sitting outside at a winery with Mom on a spring day? You could even surprise her and have the whole family show up. If you don’t live near a winery or vineyard, this is an equally fun alternative: source some good-quality cheese, meats, and vino (really, millennials, wholesale stores like Costco are the way to go for affordable charcuterie and wines), and invite family over for an evening of laid-back yet classy deliciousness.

Discover the great outdoors

If you’re strapped for cash, nature (always free) is a creative option. And even if you’re not, Mom might prefer an afternoon hike to afternoon tea. Invite the family on a trip to your local state or county park, and document the day with lots of pictures, and maybe even an unofficial family portrait. For longer hikes, grab a backpack and pack a special picnic complete with Mom’s favorite snacks.

Sip some afternoon tea

Tea rooms can be a lot of fun for moms to indulge in pastries and Victorian-themed delights. If neither of you live near a tea room, or if they’re too pricy for your budget, consider hosting your own gathering with homemade scones and a few of your mom’s favorite teas. Great scone and other pastry recipes can be found on Pinterest, along with table setting suggestions. Maybe you can even break out your great-grandmother’s china that’s been gathering dust in the basement. Consider inviting other family members or your mom’s friends for some lighthearted fun.

Indulge with takeout and Netflix

This may sound like a cop out, but we promise, it’s not. Let’s face it, we’re all busy. Planning a formal or structured gathering really may just be a stress on Mom, and if we’re being honest, us too – along with our bank accounts. Set aside the whole day for indulging in not-so-healthy takeout and bingeing on a show you’ve both been wanting to catch up on. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend a day with a container of Chinese food and an entire season of “Fixer Upper”?

Get crafty

You and Mom could sign up for any number of classes, like cooking, painting, photography – the options are endless. Looking to express your love creatively? Consider surprising Mom with a homemade scrapbook or detailed homemade card highlighting special memories, inside jokes, or shared favorite quotes or Bible verses – and it’s more affordable.

Whatever creative route you take, we’re confident you’ll create a beautiful shared memory for years to come.

Originally published on May 9, 2018.

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