The 10 Types of Instagramers

Noticing some trends on your Instagram feed? So are we! Here are a few fads that you’re bound to see when scrolling through.

1. The Professional

To this picaholic, Instagram is a part of their life as important as breathing. They are a certified professional Instagrammer, and whether they are at the salon, on vacation or just eating lunch … it can be documented for the Gram.

1 professional

2. Ghandi

Uplifting, inspirational and overflowing with wisdom, this Instagrammer rarely posts pics of anything other than quotes.

2 ghandi

3. The Fitness Freak

No pain, no #gains. You will see nothing but healthy meal prep, workouts and a wonderful physique on this Gram.

3 fitness freak

4. The Crazy Cat Lady

This Instagrammer’s account is often full of fluffy, cuddly creatures, and they rarely have time for pics of anything other than pets.

4 crazy cat lady

5. The Culinary Artist

Cheese board, or work of art? It’s all one in the same for this fabulous food lover. This Instagrammer can make a flakey croissant look like the Mona Lisa … and your mouth will most certainly start watering. #carblover #nationaldonutday

5 culinary artist

6. Captain Adventure

Bent on inspiring FOMO in the hearts of their followers, this Instagrammer can make you dread whatever you may be doing while scrolling through their pics. They don’t seem to have any responsibilities other than living the life you wish you had.

6 captain adventure

7. Kimye

If you don’t show PDA, are you even in a relationship? Inspired by power couples like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, this “It” couple has no problem putting their love on blast. It might make you reevaluate your love life at times, but this fairytale relationship is too perfect not to Instagram.

7 kimye

8. The Squad

This group of alphamales wants to make sure their pack is noticed, so they take … the Squad pic. And for the ladies: a six-girl mirror pic will do the trick for their clique. (Five-person minimum; each must have signature pose to apply.)


9. The Barbie Doll

She will give you a few makeup tips and show off her flawless appearance, and she usually has a booty to match. This Instagrammer is well on her way to a million followers.


10. The Perfect Gram

The best Instagrammer of them all, this user is the total package. A combination of all the Grams stated above, this Gram will tug at your heartstrings like a Vine of a puppy cuddling with a teddy bear, motivate you to get to the gym and get your PhD, make you believe in love more than watching the Notebook will, and even get you to make something more complicated than a Hot Pocket for dinner.

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