Bonus Meditation: What Personal Growth in Your 20s Really Looks Like

Meditation transcript: 

Hi, it’s Mary Kate again from “You, Me, & Ennui.” Thank you for listening to my conversation with Katie Bulmer about working on our relationship …ourselves! We covered a lot– from dating to personal finances to spirituality, and I hope it just goes to show that navigating adulthood is complex. I appreciated the point Katie made about examining “what you worship”—religious or not— as a way to make sure your life reflects the person you want to be.

If you’re looking for more ways to relate our conversation to your life, we’re back with another “bonus meditation” that will offer you some questions to reflect on… some might apply to you, some might not, and that’s OK! I’ll pause briefly between each question, but if you need more time, just hit the pause button and take as long as you need. Try to find a comfortable position with your feet on the floor and close your eyes.

What do you “worship?” Are you an avid follower of politics and the news cycle? Do you find yourself chronically online to follow entertainment news? Maybe you are invested in your financial success, or maybe all you need is your circle of friends to get by! For better or for worse, consider who or what you spend the most time thinking about and evaluate if it reflects the life you want to lead.

What is one thing you want to work on improving in the next year or a skill you want to develop? It can be daunting to tackle all the goals you have for yourself. What do you want the next five years to look like and what steps can you take to get there?

Think of someone you look up to or consider a mentor. Do they have a career path you want to follow or do you admire them for a specific trait they possess, like integrity, kindness, or authenticity? Does what draws you to them make you want to emulate them?

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