Bonus Meditation: Networking Without Fear: How to Master Working the Room

Meditation transcript: 

Hi, it’s Mary Kate again from “You, Me, & Ennui.” Thanks for listening to my conversation with Pascal Hensel about taking the plunge into the world of networking. Whether you’re a natural when it comes to meeting new people, or (more likely) you’ve always wanted to make more professional connections and didn’t know where to start, I hope the conversation gave you the encouragement you need to get out there.

If you’re looking for more ways to relate our conversation to your life, we’re back with another “bonus meditation” that will offer you some questions to reflect on… some might apply to you, some might not, and that’s OK! I’ll pause briefly between each question, but if you need more time, just hit the pause button and take as long as you need. So, find a comfortable position with your feet on the floor and close your eyes.

What kind of connections do you want to make? Are you looking for career advice, job opportunities, or to expand your professional circle?

What are your goals? Do you want to hone your writing skills or learn more about leadership and management? Knowing that can help to focus your networking efforts toward areas that align with your goals.

Have you considered attending any industry events, workshops, or seminars? These can sometimes be great places to meet like-minded professionals.

What’s your approach to introducing yourself? Are you comfortable with your elevator pitch, or do you need some help crafting it?

How can you leverage your existing connections? Think about friends, family, or colleagues who might already be in your desired industry or know someone who is.

Thanks again for spending time with me. I’ll be with you next time on “You, Me, & Ennui.”

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