Bonus Meditation: Career 180: From Academia to Farming – With Julie Laudick Dougherty

Meditation transcript: 

Hi, it’s Mary Kate again from “You, Me, & Ennui.” Thank you for listening to my conversation with Julie Laudick about choosing a career path in a thoughtful and authentic way. Whether you’ve known from a young age what you wanted to be when you grew up or are just now starting to think about the kind of career you want to have, I hope you found our conversation worthwhile.

If you’re looking for more ways to relate our conversation to your life, we’re back with another “bonus meditation” that will offer you some questions to reflect on… some might apply to you, some might not, and that’s OK! I’ll pause briefly between each question, but if you need more time, just hit the pause button and take as long as you need. So, find a comfortable position with your feet on the floor and close your eyes.

Reflect on a moment when you’ve felt truly passionate and engaged. What were you doing? What were the circumstances? These meaningful moments, when you feel like the most authentic version of yourself, can guide you toward a career that brings you fulfillment.

What are your strengths and talents? Take a moment to reflect on what you excel at. Are you a natural problem solver, a great communicator, or a creative thinker? Recognizing your strengths can guide you toward careers where you can leverage these skills to shine.

What impact do you want to make on the world? Consider the kind of difference you want to make in the lives of others or the broader community. Do you see yourself in a role that directly helps people or one that contributes to larger social or environmental causes?

What kind of work environment do you thrive in? Reflect on the atmosphere and culture where you feel most comfortable and productive. Do you prefer a fast-paced, dynamic setting or a more laid-back, collaborative one? Understanding the environment where you do your best work can help you narrow down career options that align with your preferences.

Where do you see yourself in the long run? Do you think you need to change course or keep going in what you’re doing? Picture yourself five or ten years down the road. What kind of career trajectory do you see for yourself? Thinking about your long-term goals can help you make decisions that set you on the right path for future success.

Thanks again for spending time with me. I’ll be with you next time on “You, Me, & Ennui.”

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